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Trading Tips for Ultimate Team

Sheldon Govender

4 November

In FIFA Ultimate Team, it can be difficult to put together a strong all round squad especially if you don’t have money to splurge on fifa points, and ultimately, packs. The most common mehtod of earning coins to buy players on the market is to play matches in either leagues or tournaments. This method can be both frustrating and time consuming. Some expert FIFA players believe that trading is the best way earn coins for those quality “beast” players you always wanted to try out. The first method we’ll be dealing with is making coins off just one player.
Making coins off one player
This method itself requires you to have a small starting capital of about 5k-10k coins. This will also depend on who it is that you have set your sights on. Follow these simple steps that will help turn you into a master trader in no time!
1. Firstly, decide who it is that you will invest your money and time on. It can be practically
    any (gold) player you want, even non-rares! You don’t want to invest on someone that’s
    too expensive since the aim of this method is to buy and sell in bulk. Due to EA’s
    perpetually fluctuating price ranges, your player may lose  or gain value, leaving you to
    sell it for either a loss or a profit! It works very similarly to a real stock exchange. There
    are bid options and “purchase now” options. I suggest choosing someone who will
    easily go for 1900 – 2500 coins. One of my favourite players to trade is AC Milan’s flying
    full-back, Ignazio Abate.
2. Abate’s lowest buy now is about an average of around 1900. Here you have to take into
    account of EA’s tax of 5%. This works similarly to transaction costs in real world equity   
    markets. For instance, if you pick up Abate for 1800 and sell him for 1900, you won’t be
    making 100 profit; you would actually be making 5 coins profit, due to the selling cost of
    5%. EA takes the 5% of 1900 which is 95 coins, so you are only left with a margin of
   1805 coins. Therefore it is wise to buy him for around 1700 to make atleast 100 coins on
    each Abate.

3. Remember to always buy in bulk. If you can pick up one Abate every min that’s 10
    Abate’s every 10 min, which means that’s already 1k profit for just trading.
There are many other players out there other that Abate. If you are able to exploit this then you will become a professional trader and finaaly have those millions of coins to spend on players like Messi or Ronaldo. Some other players who have proved useful for making quick profits are Norwich’s Cameron Jerome, Bayer Leverkusen’s Wendell and Totenham Hotspurs’ Michel Vorm.
Another important factor to note is the best time to pick up players. Players are usually available on the cheap on a Wednesday before the TOTW reveal. This is when Ultimate team players are getting rid of their club items and players to pack some sweet in-forms. This is probably the best time you will pick up the player for a reasonably cheaper buy now price.
The best time to actually sell these players will be on the weekend as there are many players on the market as there is no work or no school. This is when everyone is buying players for their squads and will probably your best opportunity to make at least 300-400 coins more profit on each player than you would on a week day.
Don’t give up if your players did not sell or your auction was outbid. This method requires time and patience.
Have Fun trading in Ultimate team!

14 Players Who Need January Upgrades in Ultimate Team

26 October

EA have gotten away with some awfully inaccurate ratings, and thanks to live updates, they are able to make ammends for their criminally harsh ratings. However, us Ulitmate Team lovers have to wait until Junuary to see in-form players get the recognition they truly deserve. Here are the 14 players we think deserve January Upgrades.
  1. Managing Director
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  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director

Chris Smalling 79            81

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director

Hatem Ben Arfa  79            81

United's main man at the back has been a revelation ever since his sending off against City last season. Many fans felt that a +3 increase to 79 still didn't reflect Mike's improvement. We think a rating of 81 is well deserved, and to be expected come January.
There are few hotter than Hatem Ben Arfa at the moment. The Frenchman has finally rediscovered his lost form, and to devastating effect! Currently the 2nd highest scorer in France, Ben Arfa's fitness looks back on track .

Nolito  82            84

Robert Lewandowski 87           89

It's somewhat unheard of for a non-rare to move to a rare, but in Nolito's case you simply have to recognise that the man is red-hot right now! It's no secret that the forward in on Barca's radar, and with 7 goals and 3 assists in 9 games, it's easy to see why!
It's hard not to get caught up in LewanGOALski fever at the moment. 16 goals for club and country in 9 games sees Lewandowski as Europe's hottest property at the moment. Such deadly form definitely warrants a rating increase

Jamie Vardy  71             75

Douglas Costa  81          83

The Brazilian looks as though he's been plying his trade in Bavaria all his life. Lighting-fast, tricky and unselfish, Costa is loving life at Bayern, and has racked up 6 assists this season! (the second most in Europe's top 5 leagues!)
This season's suprise package, Vady seems incapable of hitting a blank! Leicester's leading man has now scored 9 goals in his last 7 outings for the Foxes. His devilish pace and deadly shooting have made him the highest scorer in the BPL, with 10 goals!

Dimitri Payet  81          84

Riyad Mahrez  73          75

At the moment, Payet's live rating on FIFA is 85. In keeping with our prudent approach, we have afforded the Frenchman a miserly +3 upgarde to 84. He has been immense for West Ham, scoring 5 and assisting 4 after 10 games, a fine return for a BPL debutant.
The Algerian is Leicester's creator in chief, with 5 goals and 5 assists. Mahrez's incredible dribbling, quick turn of pace and lethal left foot make him a vital player for the Foxes, and his exploits have attracted attention from clubs across Europe.

Michy Batshuayi  78           80

P-E Aubameyang  82            84

Lukaku 2.0. Michy is finally living up to the hype, having scored 8 goals and assiting 3. He is Ligue 1's top scorer and desrvedly so. Marseille's shining light, Batshuayi is making the most of his time in the spotlight after the departure of some huge figures from the Velodrome.
The Gabon international has been ripping the Bundesliga to shreds this season, scoring 13 and assisting 3 in 10. While this form is astounding, we can't see EA handing out more than a +2 increase.

Eder 79          81

Lorenzo Insigne   81          83

The Italian international currently leads the Serie A scoring charts with 7 goals, and a handy 2 assists. He has formed a formidable partnership with Luis Muriel at Sampdoria and his exploits should land him a place for Italy at the Euros in 2016.
The pint-sized dyamo is finally living up to his immense potential. Insigne has scored 6 times and assisted 3 this season. He has been phenomenal for Napoli and spearhead's nearly every attack. He would make a fine addition to any squad.

Joel Matip 80          82

Miralem Pjanic   84           86

Matip has thoroughly impressed this season. A rock at the back for Schalke, his solid performances have provided the platform that sees Schalke 3rd in the Bundelsiga. The Cameroonian also has 2 goals and an assist to his name.
The maetro himself, Pjanic has been outstanding for Roma thus far. His incredible passing range and ridiculously good set pieces see him with 4 goals and 5 assists. The conductor in chief is attracting attention from all of Europe's big teams.

Ultimate Team Special: Bundesliga Cheap Beasts

27 September

Time for round 4 of our 5 part special! We've sourced out the best talent Germany has to offer for those of you FUT lovers who don't have too much money to play with. Let's go!
Starting at the back we have gone for Gladbach stopper Yann Sommer. The Swiss international had a deserved upgrade of +3 after a superb 14/15 season. As we are still only a few days into FIFA16's launch, Sommer may fetch a heft price tag due to the fact that he is the 3rd highest rated kepper in the Bundesliga, behind Neuer and Leno. If that is the case then his compatriot Roman Burki could be useful between the sticks.
In front of Sommer we have Matip and Schar. The Pacey and pysical duo should serve as a solid pairing, and if you'd like to speed things up abit more, you may want to opt for the Schalke man's partner, Felipe Santana. At left back we have another Schalke man in the form of Kolasinac. He looks an absolute tank, with a superb combination of pace and strength. If Kolasinac isn't offering you the pac eyou need, you may find WEndell to be an ideal replacement. In the other full back we have Augsburg's Opare, who has some crazy pace to burn, along with some other solid stats for a 75 rated player.
You may be surpirsed to see Bayern man Rode in our midfield. To be fair, he was superb for us in FIFA15, running around tirelessly, while putting in solid tackles. If you want a bit more solidity then either one of the Bender brothers would be an ideal replacement. His partner is Junuzovic. The free-kick maestro has some pretty good all-round stats, although you'll seriously want him taking your set pieces with his 92 rated free kick ability unless... you prefer 95 RATED FREE KICKS thanks to our CAM Calhonoglu!!! The turkish playmaker is abolutely lethal from 25 yeards out, and also has a 5-star weak foot! Looks to be a real BEAST! Howevr, if y5 star skills at CAM, then look no further than Alexandru Maxim!
At left midfield we have Andre Shurrle. The German was an absolute gem for us in FIFA15, with crazy pace and insane long range shooting. He also has 4 star skills and a 4 star weak foot. On the other flank we have Patrick Herrmann. (Remember the name!) Herrmann recieved a +4 upgrade thanks to some crazy exploits last season, and his FIFA16 card looks even better than last year's! Expect him to stun opponents with his dazzling pace and dribbling, while he's also capable of delivering some decent crosses. Up top we've gone for none other than Chicharito. The Little Pea has left Manchester for Leverkusen in search of more first-team football, and he has already begun to shone. His FIFA16 stats look impressive, and he'll be aching to beat those offside traps and smash the ball home. If he ends up being a bit pricy at first then Adrian Ramos would be a good alternative.
We just had to include Sokratis in this team. Those stats are enough to make your heart melt, although he'll probably fect ha small fortune at the start of the game. We aslo included Douglas Costa. We're huge fans of left-footers cutting in from the right wing, and Costa brings some crazy 5-star skills to match his great pace. Speaking of pace, we'll leave with with the one...the one... AUBAMEYANG!!! The Dortmund flyer will be crazy expensive for a few months, but once his price drops, be sure to latch onto his ASAP. 95 pace. 81 shooting, and he's also great in the air. PEA has got it all! Stay tuned for our final edition of Cheap Beast Squads where we'll be covering Ligue 1! Cheers for now! :)

Ultimate Team Special: La Liga Cheap Beasts

25 September

We love getting requests from our fans, and always try our best to deliver because you guys mean the world to us! Enough with the soppy stuff, here's the Liga BBVA team that people have been begging us for. Hope you enjoy!
To be honest, we were quite shocked at the lack of cheap attacking threats in La Liga this year. However, we've tried our best to find the players we think could make a big difference to those managers who are on a tight budget! Up top we have gone for a trio with a balance of pace and shooting ability. Konoplyanka seems like a brilliant player, with 4 star skill moves as well as a 4 star weak foot. He should prove to be the kingpin in the side, with blistering pace and great shooting. On the other wing we have the ever-dependable Carlos Vela. The Mexican comes in with respectable pace and dribbling, and we can't wait to unleash shots with his favoured left foot. In the middle we have Malaga's Amrabat. The striker is lightning quick, has good dribbling and shooting and also carries a decent physical stat. definitely one to look out for!
In the middle of the park we have gone for an all-rounder in Enzo Perez, a playmaker in Kovacic and a powerhouse in Krychowiak. Combined, these three should form a lethal partnership. There were not that many decent yet affordable midfielders to choose from, and these three represent the best of the bunch.
While La Liga does lack amazing attacking options, it seems as though EA has been very kind on the defensive side, with many OP centre backs making there way into our mind. We love pacey centre-backs, and Raphael Varane was the fastest CB we could find. He also boasts phenomenal defensive stats! In Inigo Martinez we have a pacey yet physical character, who also offers great defensive cover.
Tremoulinas is the 3rd highest rated LB in La Liga, so we don't think his price should be astronomical. In our right full back we have one of my favourite players in the game. De Marcos is very quick, solid defensively and can also offer a decent shot. In goals we have gone for Moya. Although the Spaniard may not be Atleti's first choice, his stats look quite OP, and should prove useful in game.
Onto the bench. First up is the Tunisian powerhouse Abdennour. The defender replaces he departed Otamendi at Valencia, and he looks an absolute TANK! Next up we have Nacho of Rayo Vallecano, who could prove a fine replacement for Trmoulinas if the Frenchman is overpriced. For you pacewhores out there, we have Bifouma and Bruma who would provide more speed than Amrabat and Vela respectively. We have also included Aymeric Laporte, should Varane be overpriced (which is highly likely). We have Sergio Asenjo who also looks a fine prospect in the keeping department. Last up we've included Antoinne Griezmann. With EA criminally underrating the Frenchman, we think that he won't prove excessively priced!
That's all for now. Next up we'll be showing the best of the Bundesliga! Cheers!

Ultimate Team Special: BPL Cheap Beasts

24 September

Time for round two of our cheap beast squads! Let's get right into it!
Up top we have the lightning quick Loic Remy. The Frenchman offers pace, good shooting and even some physicality. He's also really decent in the air. We doubt he'll be too expensive, but if that happens to be the case, then there is a worthy alternative in the form of Mame Biram Diouf. If you prefer power to pace, then Wilfreid Bony is your guy. We is massive, great in the air and has a magnificent shot. Then there's Lukaku is who is, in our minds, the perfect balance of pace and power.
The the left wing we have Kevin Mirallas. At the moment, he's in hot water with the FA, but on our PlayStations, he remains a useful winger, with pace, good shooting as well as a 4 star weak foot! We've included Max Gradel (such a pity about his injury!) who has some decent stats as well.  On the other wing we have the man, the legend, the monster himself, VICTOR IBARBO! The name alone send shivers down the spines of FUT players. We expect him to carry out his duties masterfully on the right wing, but if you prefer someone to cut in onto their left foot, then Shaqiri in your man!
The BPL is a bit light on cheap attacking midfielders, but in Sissoko we have quite a beastly player, with pace, strength and good shooting. He links up with his powerhouse team-mate Tiote in midfield, with the Ivorian boasting some incredible defensive stats! Next to him we have the all-rounder of Fernandinho. All of the Brazilian's key stats are higher than 74, which makes him a useful player anywhere on the pitch.
Now for the defence. Our full backs are pacey characters who also ofer fanatstic shooting. They also have decent physicality, meaning they won't be pushed off the ball too easily. Their substitutes are in the form of Baba Rahman and Nyom. The new Chelsea boy offers more defensive prowess than Moreno, as well as more strength. On the other flank we have Watford's new aquisition, who is an absolute tank! Nyom is a very suitable repacement for Walker, and he shouldn't be too expensive! While defensive solidity is a useful characteristic, we all now that slow defenders are as good as useless! We've partnered Mangala with the ridiculously over-powered Okore. We had initially opted for Smalling, who boast a defense of 83, however the United man's pace has not been reflected accurately in the game, with EA giving him a measely 76 pace. Mangala was an absolute champion for us in FIFA15, and with Otamendi and Kompany rated much higher than him, we don't expect the Fenchman to be unaffordable. If that is the case though, as is with most big team players, then we can rely on Newcastle's Chancel Mbemba. The Congolese centre-half has an astounding 82 pace with some good defensive and physical stats to help him out against most strikers.
There we have it. The best of the best affordable players in the BPL. Next up we'll be bringing you a Liga BBVA Beastly team! See you for now!

UCL Powerhouses: Bayern Munich and Juventus

To welcome the return of Champions League football, we thought it would be fitting to round up our analysis of the remaining two semi-finalists from last year's competition. We'll begin with Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich. Starting with the front trio, Lewandowski and Robben retain their rating sof 87 and 90 respectively, while Ribery gets a downgrade of 1to 87.Thomas Muller also remains a solid 86, while Xabi Alonso gets downgraded, probably due to his age. Bayern Munich are without Bastian Schweinsteiger, but boy have they found the perfect replacement! Arturo Vidal will provide that combative presence in the middle of the park, and won't be afraid to get forward either. His rating increases from 85 to 86. David Alaba gets a massive +3 upgrade, and cements his place as the best left-back in the game. The Austrian is now rated an astounding 85 which, frankly, is long overdue. Medhi Benatia endured an indifferent campaign last year, and retains his rating of 84. Philipp Lahm also remains at 87. Jerome Boateng recieves a well-deserved boost of +1 to make him the joint second-highest rated defender in the game. It is amazing how he has progressed in recent years, and he provides a commanding figure at the back.
On the bench, we see the exciting addition of Douglas Costa, who has been setting the Bundesliga alight in place of the injured Franck Ribery. Javi Martinez gets a downgrade of 1 due to his lack of playing time. Bernat had a fine first season in the bundesliga and the Spanish full-back gets a generous increase of +3 to 79. Pep Guardiola seems to enjoy playing his former Barca player Thiago, and the Brazilian midfielder has rewarded his manager's faith with some dazzling performances. This has led to an increase of +2 to 83. On the other hand, poor old Mario Gotze, who hardly ever seems to start, gets a downgrade of 2 to 84.



Next we'll have a look at last season's Champions League runners-up, Juventus. Gigi Buffon had yet another brilliant campaign between the sticks, and gets a boost of +1 to 84. The entire defence also gets an upgrade in FIFA16. Lichsteiner gets an enormous increase from 77 to 82. On the other end, we see Patrice Evra replaced by Brazilian Alex Sandro, who comes in at 82. Barzagli had another solid season, and increases to 84, but it is his partner Chiellini who steals the show, receiving a +3 increase from 84 tp 87, making him the joint second-highest rated defender in the game! The maestro Andrea Pirlo had headed off to Ney York, and Juve have have found a suitable replacement in Sami Khedira. Where the midfielder lacks in passing and free-kick mastery, he makes up in solid tackling and is a presence in the box. Marchisio and Pogba both recieve boosts with the Italian moving to 84, while the Frenchman gets a +2 to 86! Unbelievable considering his age! His progress at Juve must still be giving Man United fans nightmares! King Arturo has headed off for Bayern Munich, which seesRoberto Pereyra taking over his spot at CAM. The Argentinian gets a +4 to 81. Up top we see Morata also receiving a +4 upgrade to 81 after a fine season at Juve. Carlos Tevez has opted for a move back to his native Argentina, and is replaced with a very capable Mario Mandzukic.
On the bench we see Bonucci receiving a generous upgrade from 79 to 83, which is warranted after a very solid season at the back. Martin Caceres will be making many "beast" squads this season, with the defender getting a rating upgrade to 81 and a defensive score upgrade to 86. Juan Cuadrado makes a return to Serie A and should add some much needed pace and width to the defending champions. We also see the very talented Paulo Dybala making his way to Juve. He finds himself at 78. The last notable inclusion is that of Hernanes. The Brazilian comes in at a solid 81.



FIFA16 Squad Analysis: Chelsea

As we bid adieu to another week of Premier League action, we thought we'd treat you guys to another squad comparison. Gameweek 6's mjaor match sees arch rivals Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger battling it out at the Bridge. With the Gunners starting to pick up some form, and the reigning champs inexplicably finding themselves in a world of trouble, we're licking our lips ahead of this clash. This is sure to be a make or break match for Jose Mourinho, as the "Special One" can ill-afford another slip up. As much as we'd love the love affair between Mourinho and Chelsea to continue, they simply have to win this match. On that note, let's take a look at Chelsea's new ratings on FIFA16.
Due to Chelsea's rampant form last season, many of their players retained their upgraded ratings. Courtois remains the second-best goal keeper in the game. John Terry and Gary Cahill each receive a boost of +2 although these ratings will be brought into serious question should Chelsea's awful form continue. Azpilicueta gets a +1 after a marvelous campaign for teh right-footed left-back. Strangely enough, Ivanovic was handed a downgrade after a magnificent season, however, after his recent form. it looks as though EA have actually been kind!
Nemanja "The Tank" Matic gets an increase of 1 for his solid desplay last season. His midfield partner Cesc Fabregas gets awarded a +2 to 87 after a mercurial display last season, despite a downturn in form after the turn of the year. Eden Hazard was the best player in the league last season as deserves a +1 to 89, finding himself among such company as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and even surpassing the legendary Andres Iniesta. On the other wing we see ex-Barca winger Pedro replacing Willian, who retains his 82. Up top, Diego Costa keeps his 86 and will be hoping to find some form soon!
On the bench we see Petr Cech replaced by Asmir Begovic. Loic Remy gets +1 after his many "super-sub" appearances last season. Ramires gets a decrease of 1 after not being involved in much action last season. We also see Cuadrado and Drogba making way for new boys Djilibodji and Baba Rahman. We predict that it won't be long before we see these two defenders in action due to the current state of Chelsea's back line.
Now onto the visitors, Arsenal. Unfortunately for the Arsenal faithful, there's not much to write home about in terms of trasnfers, with Petr Cech being the only incoming player over the summer. Arseanl still find themselves a world-class striker short of launching a serious title challenge. We, at FootyPurists are absolutely bemused by Wenger's nonchalance and frankly, his laziness over his transfer responsibilities. Does he honestly expect Giroud to compete with Aguero and Costa?
Starting with said player, we see Olivier Giroud receiving a generous increase of 3 to 82. This is the same rating as Aubameyang, Bacca and Benteke, mind you. While not always the most clinical finisher, the Frenchman did manage to notch 14 goals and 3 assists in 27 games. Alexis Sanchez, on the other hand, can feel seriously robbed. The star of the team recieves a miserly +1 increase after scoring 16 goals and assiting 8 times! Not to mention this was all in his debut season at the club! Hopefully the Chilean will recieve a furtehr boost in January, should he find some form. After a great season, Santi Cazorla receives a deserved +1 increase. Although he play's most of his games in central midfield, we believe the Spaniard is much better suited in the number 10 role.
Onto the midfield. For some reason unbeknown to man, Mesut Ozil's rating has increased. The lazy playmaker, while imperious on his day, amassed an earth-shattering 4 goals and 5 assists last season. Hardly anything to write home about. The most we could have expected was for him to keep his rating of 86, but a rating increase is absolutely laughable. Aaron Ramsey receives a downgrade to 82 after an uneventful season, while his partner Jack Wilshere retains his rating of 81.
Nacho Monreal seems to have made the left back spot his own and receives a deserved +4 upgrade to 80. Laurent Koscielny recieves a boost of +1 while Mertesacker remains at 83 as well. Hector Bellerin seems to be the first choice right back, and gets an incredible +10 for his fine efforts last season. In goals we see the legendary Petr Cech taking over from the departed Szczesny.
On the bench we see nearly all player receiving boosts, with Coquelin's increase of +6 the most notable. "Dat guy Welbz"  gets an increase of +1, as does Gabriel. Theo Walcott remains one of the top 5 fastest players in the game, and will be expcted to rotate with Giroud as striker throughout the season.
Due to the Champions League returning, this week we'll be covering 2 of last season's semi finalists, Bayern Munich  and Juventus. See you soon!

FIFA16 Squad Analysis: Arsenal

FIFA16 Squad Analysis: Man United

After yet another whirlwind of a transfer window, Manchester United look to be finding some sort of shape under Louis van Gaal. To be honest, we're not really sure if they're better or worse off!
At the back we see United shot-stopper and main man, David de Gea recieinvg a nice +1 after his heroics of last season. United fans will be overjoyed that the club somehow managed to keep hold of this fan favourite. He is the joint seond highest keeper in the game. EA certainly seem to be in a generous mood this year, and have given Marcos Rojo a +2 upgrade. Suprisingly, Chris Smalling (who is practically a completely different player to the one he was two years ago) receives a boost of only +3. It's so strange to think that we feel robbed even though he's recived an upgrade, but such is the form of "Mike", that we simply know he'll get an upgrade during the course of the season. United's full backs have een sublime this season. Luke Shaw seems to be living up to the billing, and received an increase of +2 to 77. New boy Matteo Darmian comes in at 81, a whoping +7 rating for the masterful right back!
While the midfield has indeed lost some flair in the form of one "Angel" di Maria, it does gain some bite, with the purchases of legendary midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger and defensive stalwart Morgan Schneiderlin. Juan Mata recieves a decrease of 1 although we're not entirely sure why. Perhaps it's due to his positional change, with LVG preferring the Spaniard on the wing as opposed to his favourite role at number 10. Ander Herrera had a fantastic debut season in the Premier League, and gets a +2 as compensation. We're a bit surprised  at his low defense score, as the former Bilbao man does know how to put in a decent tackle. On the left wing, replacing the extremely impressive Ashley Young (yes, you read that right!) is the mercurial Memphis (Depay). The flying Dutchman scored 22 goals and assited 5 times as he guided PSV to a domestic title. Memphis has been given the legendary number 7 shirt, and we can only hope that he fulfills his enormous potential. Man United may have found that replacement for that Ronaldo guy after all!
United are seriously short of fire power, after letting Robin van Persie and Falcao go. The duo seemed to age by ten years last season, and their unimpressive goal tally helped see them out the door at Old Trafford. United then surprised the footballing universe by paying a whopping 35 millions pounds for Monaco teenager Anthony Martial. The young Frenchman now has to show critics what he is made of. While he does offer loads of pace, not much is known about the boy, as he has only played around 50 professional games! This could turn out to be the investment of the century, or a massive disaster for United. Martial earned a +5 rating (which was given even before his transfer) and wecan;t wait to see what he brings to the Premier League!
The bench looks a solid unit, with Fellaini, Blind and Carrick all bringing differnet attributes to the table. Victor Valdes also makes a brief appearance on the bench as the U21 coach grants him some time off...

FIFA16 Squad Analysis: Liverpool

For us, there's no better way to kick off the weekend than some brilliant FootyInsight! In celebration of the weekend's big match, today's analysis will see Liverpool facing off against Manchester United! Without further ado, here we go!
Starting from the back, one can;t help but feel sorry for Simon Mignolet. The Belgian received a completely underserved increase to 82 in FIFA15, and just unfairly, recieved a completely undeserved decrease of four in FIFA16! After a supremely shaky start, it felt as though Mignolet finally won over his critics as the season progressed. He was also among the top 5 keepers with most clean sheets last season.
We can see that Liverpool has switched from a 3-4-3 to a more practical 4-2-2-2. Lovren is shoved back onto the bench in favour of Skrtel and Sakho. Alberto Moreno recieved an upgrade of +1 after a season with only a few sparks, however it seems as though Brendan Rodgers has opted for Joe Gomez over the Spaniard. What a signing Liverpool have made on the right flank though! Nathaiel Clyne proved his worth last season. The full pack offers pace, strength and a wicked cross.
In the middle of the park we see cover star and new captain Jordan Henderson retain his rating, with talisman Stevie G making a move for the MLS. Gerrard is replaced by another seaosned campaigner in James Milner. Another new boy is Brazilian star Roberto Firmino. The ex-Hoffenheim man is rated at 82, and will offer dazzling dribbling and accurate shooting. On the other side of midelfid is Liverpool's new main man, Phillppe Countinho. The tricky Brazilian has now become renowned for his world-class long range shooting ability. How Liverpool will dearly miss his presence against United, after a silly suspension at the West Ham game.
Up front we have pace and power. Daniel Sturridge is just a few weeks away from making a return, after ongoing injury problems. He is lighting fast and has tremendous shoting ability. In the other striker we have a complete tank. Benteke offers a bit of pace, great shooting and is a huge presence in the box. The burly Belgian will be licking his lips in anticipation of Nathiniel Clyne's crosses, as he abrings his "power-header" trait to life.
There isn't really much of a change on the bench this year, with Liverpool placing much faith in young Jordon Ibe to be the impact sub they wish to replace the depated Raheem Sterling.

FIFA16 Squad Analysis: FC Barcelona

10 Sep

Round 2 sees us looking at arguably the best team in the world, and cetainly the most potent front three the world has seen in many, many years! Barcelona enjoyed a rampant season, winning La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League in stylish fashion. The Catalan giants started off the season in a slow fashion, with arch-rivals Real madrid hogging the headlines. That lasted until around the turn of the new year, when Barcelona kicked into another gear, and under-fire boss Luis Enrique was in total control.
Much of this new-found spark was due to the re-positioning of Luis Suarez to the number 9 role, with star-man Lionel Messi moving to the right wing. This move worked wonders, and Suarez finally looked the part of a Barca player. Messi still enjoyed a crazy amount of goals, while Suarez, who spent most of the first half of the season providing for others, finally able to strut his stuff as the leading forward. The trio of Messi, Neymar and Suarez put nerly every team to bed, with each of teh trio getting a nice +1 upgrade from their FIFA15 cards.
In the middle of the park, stalwart Busquets finally recieved that upgrade that he is long overdue. Ivan Rakitic cemented his place in the starting XI, and proved the perfect replacement for Xavi. He  gets a +1 as well. The evergreen Andres Iniesta still remains one of the highest rated midfielders in the game, with a downgrade of 1 to 88, mostly due to his age I would suppose.
Keeping with this crazy trend of defensive boosts in FIFA16, Jordi Alba gets a whopping +3 to 84! Pique and Alves both had stellar seasons, and were also rewarded with +1 upgrades. Mathieu enjoyed some Barca-bias, as the Frenchman gets a huge +3 upgrade to 83, after a solid season at the Nou Camp. Claudio Bravo keeps his rating of 83, as does UCL first choice Ter Stegen with his 82. One might think this is slightly harsh, after both keepers endured stellar campaigns last season.
New boys Aleix Vidal and Arda Turan make the Barca bench, and will only get a chance to play for their new club come January. Sergi Roberto certainly looks one for the future, with the versatile midfielder getting a +3 upgrade to 78, while Brazilian Rafinha gets a +1 boost to 79. Somehow, Thomas Vermaelen also receives a boost of plus 1.
The legendary Xavi has  opted for a move to the the Middle Ea$t after a splendid career at Barcelona. Tricky winger Pedro also forced a move to Chelsea in search of some first-team football.
Barcelona look as sharp as ever. We predict that they will have another splendid season, and simply cannot see Real Madrid or Atletico snatching the title away for them. Perhaps the Blaugrana might even be the first team to retain the Champions League! Only time will tell.
As a prelude to the weekend's blockbuster at Old Trafford, tomorrow will see us analysing both Manchester United and Liverpool's FIFA 16 teams. See you then!

FIFA16 Squad Analysis: Real Madrid CF

9 Sep


You've been patient as we've begun our steady journey to global domination! As a reward, we have decided to publish a special detailing the completely new squads in FIFA16 and comparing the players with their respective FIFA15 version. We'll try cover the world's greatest teams, as well as team's that have the capacity to surprise. All squads have been formed using the squad creator, the best generator for Ultimate Team enthusiasts! Now sit back, relax, and let the fun begin!
We'll begin this instalment with the Galacticos: Real Madrid. Note that we'll only be using the latest base players, as this allows us to properly compare between the generations, while taking last season's performance into consideration. To keep things interesting, we will try to include the highest rated players in the teams, with the lower players placed on the bench. Therefore these might not be the actual starting XI's that were chosen by the manager. Okay, enough with the jibber-jabber...
Starting from the base, we see the legendary Cassilas replaced wit his near name-sake. While Casilla does off better kicking than the veteran, the new porto man cannot be match by his diving, reflexes or speed coming off the line. How Real would have loved 86-rated David de Gea between the sticks!
EA has obviously placed a greater emphasis on defence this year, with the majority of full backs and centre backs getting rating upgrades. Marcelo and Pepe recieved +1 boosts, while Carvajal now has to fight for his place against all-round tank Danilo. Sergio Ramos keeps his rating at 87, making him the joint 2nd highest rated defender in the game.
Onto the midfield. Strangely enough, EA has suprised us completely and opted to improve Ronaldo and Messi's ratings by 1! Expect Ronaldo to be as unaffordable as last year! Modric doesn't get an upgarde, probably due to his age, while Kroos and James both move to 87! Tony Kroos's +2 upgrade gets a major defensive boost. Gareth Bale retains his 87 rating after a rather uneventful season for the Welshman. His card stats remain pretty similar to last year's card.
Up top, Karim Benzema deservedly gets a +1 upgrade, after a solid season for the Galacticos. After much transfer speculation, he remains at the club and will want to prove to the media and fans that he's the right man for the job.
On the bench, we see Isco retain his upgraded rating of 84. New boys Kovacic and Casemiro will also be wanting to make their presence felt in the capital. Jese receives a useful boost of +2. Lastly, Raphael Varane gets a +1 upgrade, with boosts to his pace and defending. Expect him and Pepe to rotate throughout the season, with the Portuguese at 32 years of age.
That's all for now! Our next instalment sees us analysing Real's arch rivals, Bercelona!



The wait is over! EA have finally unveiled the top 10 player of FIFA 16. Little can be said about these magnificent players so without further ado, here we go!
10: David Silva, 29 (Man City) > 88 (+1)
9: Thiago Silva, 30 (PSG) > 88 (+1)
8: Neymar, 23 (Barelona) > 88 (+1)
7: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 32 (PSG) > 89 (-1)
6: Eden Hazard, 24 (Chelsea) > 89 (+1)
5: Arjen Robben, 31 (Bayern) > 90
4: Manuel Neuer, 30 (Bayern) > 90
3: Luis Suarez, 28 (Barcelona) > 90 (+1)
2: Cristiano Ronaldo, 30 (Real Madrid) > 93 (+1)
1: Lionel Messi, 28 (Barcelona) > 94 (+1)

Mega Ratings: 30 - 11

Apologies for the delay. After a small technical glitch, we are back on track and ready to give you a bumper edition of FIFA 16 ratings! Sit beack, relax and enjoy.
30: Diego Costa, 26 (Chelsea) > 86
The Spaniard demolished the Premier League, notching 20 goals and 3 assists in the process. His exploits were enough to see him retain his 86 rating which he earned from his January upgrade.
29: Sergio Busquets, 27 (Barcelona) > 86 (+1)
Busquets has long been the rock in Barcelona's dominant midfield, and finally receives the upgrade he has deserved for so long.
28: Kevin de Bruyne, 24 (Man City) > 86 (+3)
KdB tore the Bundesliga to shreds last season, with 10 goals and 20 assists, he was crowned player of the season. He looks the complete player and at 24, things can only go up for the Belgian.
27: Carlos Tevez, 31 (Boca Juniors) > 86 (+1)
The controversial striker has moved back to his native Argentina, after a whirlwind of a European adventure. His magnificent performances earned him a +1 upgrade, but at 31, we think this is as good as it gets for Carlitos.
26: David de Gea, 24 (Man United) > 86 (+1)
Thanks to some dodgy paperwork, de Gea remains a United player, and how lucky they are to have him! Voted as best keeper in the Premier League last season, the Spaniard almost single-handedly (excuse the pun) kept United in the thick of things. We're surprised he hasnt received an even bigger upgrade after his heroic season!
25: Alexis Sanchez, 26 (Arsenal) > 86 (+1)
The Chilean proved a stellar signing for the Gunners, racking up 16 goals and 8 assists. EA has once again failed to deliver the goods, as Sanchez receives a measly +1.
24: Franck Ribery, 32 (Bayern) > 87 (-1)
23: Gareth Bale, 26 (Real Madrid) > 87
22: Robert Lewandowski, 27 (Bayern) > 87
21: Giorgio Chiellini, 31 (Juventus) > 87 (+3)
This was a bit of a surprise! EA rarely give players an upgrade once they pass the threshold of 30, but the Italian maestro certainly deserved a boost after his assured displays boosted the Old Lady's charge towards another Scudetto as well as the Champions  League final.
20: Philipp Lahm, 31 (Bayern) > 87
19: Luka Modric, 30 (Real Madrid) > 87
18: Mesut Ozil, 26 (Arsenal) > 87 (+1)
Yup, we're as surprised as you are. EA once again prove that they do not watch football, as they have boosted the German for absolutely no reason. I'll eat my hat if I can find an Arsenal fan who thinks he should be rated higher than Alexis Sanchez.
17: Sergio Ramos, 29 (Real Madrid) > 87
16: Cesc Fabregas, 28 (Chelsea) > 87 (+2)
The Spaniard began the season in phenomenal fashion, assiting at a rate never before seen. After December, reality ensued however Fabregas's fine exploits were enough to seal him a +2 upgrade.
15: Jerome Boateng, 27 (Bayern) > 87 (+1)
The rise of Jerome Boateng has been a pleasant surprise. From City outcast to a stalwart at Bayern, the defender has really found his feet in his native Germany. Since FIFA 12, Boateng's base ratings have been 78, 79, 81, 85 and now 87. This up-turn in form sees him rated as the joint highest center-back in the game!
14: Toni Kroos, 25 (Real Madrid) > 87 (+2)
Nope, I'm not sure why he got upgraded either. Don't get me wrong, we all know he's absolte class, it's just that his first season at Madrid did not warrant such a big upgrade. Hope he justifies his rating this season.
13: James Rodriguez, 24 (Real Madrid) > 87 (+1)
Now someone who certainly deserved an upgrade was the Colombian talisman. James moved from Monaco to Madrid for a fortune, but he has proved to be worth every cent, with 13 goals and 13 assists in his first season! Expect him to break into the top 10 next FIFA.
12: Sergio Aguero, 27 (Man City) > 87
How "el Kun" has not received an upgrade is beyond me. The Argentinian show stopper had a blistering campaign, with 26 goals and 8 assists. He'll surely be given an upgrade in Jan.
11: Andres Iniesta, 31 (Barcelona) > 88 (-1)

New Ratings: 40 - 31

EA Sports have released another batch of ratings. Today we'll do the analysis player by player. Without any further ado, here is the next lot of players!
40: Gerard Pique, 28 (Barcelona) > 85 (+1)
Pique had an exceptional seaon, both from an individual and team perspective. The commanding Spaniard looked back to his best as his fine form helped Barca glide to a remarkable treble. It's common for all of the plaudits to go to MSN, howver without a commanding centre-back, any team's chances of success are hampered. Luckily for the Blaugrana, Pique rediscovered his form at the perfect time, and receives a deserved upgrade in FIFA 16.
39: Mats Hummels, 26 (BVB) > 86
No-one really knows what happened to Borussia Dortmund last season. Their shocking start can probably be attributed to the injuries sustained by key figure, and none more so than Mats Hummels. The classy defender endured an inconsistent season, but manages to keep his rating of 86. Had he been successful last season, we have little doubt that he would be playing for a new club. Be that as it may, Mats showed his class by sticking it out with Dortmund and wants to leave the club when it is in a far less precarious position.
38: Bastian Schweinsteiger, 31 (Man Utd) > 86 (-2)
The Fussballgott received a decrease of 2 in his rating, which still leaves him with a respectable 86. Much of his last season was plagued with injury, and Manchester United will be praying that is not the case this year round. Batsi has left Bayern for pastures new and we can easily see the composure he brings to the United midfield. The most obvious change has been his pace decrease to 52. While we don't entirely agree with such a massive downgrade, at the age of 31 we wouldn't expect anything else from EA.
37: Marco Reus, 26 (BVB) > 86
Like Hummels, Reus endured an indifferent campaign last season. The pacey winger maintains his rating of 86 and will be looking to silence any doubters this season. So far, Dortmund has been off to a flying start, and Thomas Tuchel will be eager to get the best out of Marco Reus in order to charge towards regaining the Bundesliga title.
36: Wayne Rooney, 29 (Man Utd) > 86
This was quite surprising. While Man United just about managed to clich fourth place, Wayne Rooney looked far from his sparkling best. His first touch has been likened to that of a donkey, and he simply looked lethargic and disinterested. Rooney played most of the season in the CAM position, racking up 12 goals and 5 assists in the process. This season had seen Wazza playing in the number 9 role, but with the Deadline Day purchase of young striker Anthony Martial, we can't be sure where Rooney will feature. Hopefully Rooney finds some form (in the league) and justifies his 86 rating.
35: Arturo Vidal, 28 (Bayern) > 86 (+1)
One man who certainly deserves his rating of 86 is King Arturo. The combative midfielder has switched from Juventus to Bayern Munich and we cannot wait to see how he slots into Pep Guardiola's plans. Vidal is able to play at CDM, CM and CAM. His versatility and energy are sure to benefit the reining German champions. They will be hoping Vidal's presence will help them push for Champion's League glory.
34: Thomas Muller, 25 (Bayern) > 86
Thomas Muller has been a revelation for Bayern. The tricky forward has a rifle of a shot and always seems to pitch up where it matters most at the perfect time. He is a clinical finisher, and while he maintains his 86 rating, FUT managers will be glad to know that he has switched from RM to CF. We're sure that the 15-16 will prove yet another successful season for Muller.
33: Karim Benzema, 27 (Real Madrid) > 86 (+1)
While Madrid weren't able to reach the heights of their previous season, Benzema can be proud of his performances last campaign. He looked sharper, hungrier and also has an eye for the perfect pass. He received a derserved upgrade of +1 to 86. The French forward managed 15 goals and 10 assists last season. He recently took to social media exclaiming his happiness of being a Galactico, and we think he'll deliver the goods again this season.
32: Thibaut Courtois, 23 (Chelsea) > 86
The lanky Belgian retains his rating after a sublime season with Chelsea, leading the Blues to Premier League glory after 4 years of waiting. He is commanding, agile and a brilliant shot-stopper. After an awful start to the current season, he regained some confidence by stopping a James Morrison penalty and helping 10-man Chelsea limp over the line against a bouyant West Brom outfit.
31: Paul Pogba, 22 (Juventus) > 86 (+2)
Paul "The Tank" Pogba is just loving life at the moment. The Frenchman helped Juventus to yet another Scudetto and also guided his team to a place in the Champion's League final. Perhaps Sir Alex Ferguson's biggest mistake was letting Paul go, and the bustling midfielder's exponential development at Juventus has been a real slap in the face to the United faithful. It won't be long until we see a big club fork out a figure north of 70 million pounds for him. He's just too good at the moment, and receives a rating boost of +2 to a ridiculous 86, especially for a 22 year old. Sir Alex, what were you thinking?!

New Ratings: 50 - 41

Finally some action! EA announced the first lot of player ratings on Monday evening. The list included upgraes and downgrades. The players are as follows:
50: Angel di Maria, 28 (PSG)  > 85 (-1)
49: Petr Cech, 33 (Arsenal)  >   85
48: Edinson Cavani, 28 (PSG) >  85 (- 1)
47: Vincent Kompnay, 29 (Man City) > 85 (-1)
46: David Alaba, 23 (Bayern) >  85 (+3)
45: Diego Godin, 29 (Atletico) > 85 (+1)
44: John Terry, 34 (Chelsea) > 85 (+2)
43: Naldo, 32 (Wolfsburg) > 85 (+4)
42: Yaya Toure, 32 (Man City) > 85 (-1)
41: Santi Cazorla, 30 (Arsenal) > 85 (+1)
Perhaps the most surprising upgrade was that of Naldo's. The comanding defender had a stellar season for Wolfsburg, scoring 7 goals and earning a place in WhoScored's team of the season. +4 is a big jump, considering he is already 32. After years of begging, David Alaba has finally gotten the recognistion he deserves, with a +3 upgrade to 85. This is unknown territory for a left back, let alone a 23 year old! Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

EA Sports has launched a killer new feature!

For all you Ultimate Team fans out there, there's a new mode that's going to have you licking your lips... FUT Draft! In this version of Ultimate Team, you're given the chance to quickly build a team comprising of the very best players. You are given a choice of 5 random gold players for each position, with your captain usually being a world class player. This format of the game is sure to reap in hordes of players, as it will give us a chance to use players we usually can't afford, or even those who we wouldn't normally choose for our team.

Time for some FIFA rating predictions!

I'm sure if you're obsessed with FIFA then you would have tried to search predicted ratings, be it from Futhead or on YouTube. Well, fear no more. We've come up with a list of players whose ratings have (kind of) been released, either from footage from GamesCon or from leaked videos. We'll also be giving our own predictions on what we think player ratings will be. Look out for our Futhead created teams as well! All this, coming soon!